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About Us

About Us

The start was in 1994, when an ambitious young man started his business by opening a small company to import and distribute paper tissue and diaper products..

In 1996, the company imported and distributed Al Emlaq products, which changed, through its product “Super Green Gel”, the cleaning behavior in the Iraqi house from the traditional method, which was based on the petroleum products, to a more comfortable and healthy way.
In the following year, Al Mutasaweq General Trading LTD. was established and it was the first in Iraq which started delivering orders to customer’s door. The company continued to provide the Iraqi market with the new products, where in 2004 it launched nuts products which packed with the modern technology using nitrogen gas instead of the traditional way.

We realized that using technology is the best way to serve our customers well and therefore we were the first in Iraq to automate the company’s activity flow by applying an advanced ERP system to all its departments. By this way, we could serve our customers in a competitive way as all our salesmen were connected live to our main servers.

As we welcome in a new era for our company, our aim is to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of the market. In achieving this, Al Mutasaweq General Trading LTD will continue to bring the finest products worldwide.


Our Vision

Our aim is to maintain the leadership in the Iraqi FMG industry and to expand our business in the Middle East region by achieving the highest level of our customers & end consumers satisfaction and via excellence in Competitive Marketing execution, effective distribution and using of the latest technology in our fields. 

Our Mission

In realizing our vision, Al Mutasaweq General Trading LTD. aims to serve our customers with the highest quality and value-tailored products that fulfil their needs and trends at the right price, while paying special attention to the welfare of our staff.








Our Values

We stand by certain core values, which are the driving force behind our business; 
  • *  Relationships; we put people first, whether it’s the relationships with our staff, clients or suppliers.
  • * Openness; we run our businesses transparently as a model that our customers, suppliers, management, and staff can look up to.
  • * Fairness; we treat each customer equally with the utmost respect. 

Our Team

As a leading F.M.C.G. supplier, we recognize that our people play a major role in our clients’ satisfaction. As such, Al Mutasaweq General Trading LTD. invests in the professionalism and dedication of our team of professionals.

 Our team begins with our product development personnel, who work diligently to bring the precise products to match our clients’ specifications.  Further building on that strength, we have logistics and delivery experts, stock control team and a specialized sales team to help our clients find exactly what they need. Additionally, our Marketing professionals play a vital role in promoting our business and mission side by side with the business development experts.

Our Logistics

We view our chain of distribution as beginning with our suppliers and continuing through to our clients, and so we work diligently to uphold solid relationships with our partners across all channels. 

With the best interests of our both suppliers and distributors in mind, we take every measure to ensure that each product arrives to the end user just as the manufacturer intended. Our fleet ranging from small dry delivery to Chilled & Frozen Product vans aids us in that venture while maintaining our reputation for efficient turnaround time. 

Our Logistics

Our network of sales offices & warehouses are thoughtfully located across Iraq offering convenience for our clients. We have our Head Offices in Baghdad, and a wide network of Sales and Branch Offices across Iraq with operational warehouses. Which means that the products are always available in a timely matter no matter what the situation is in Iraq. 
Our cutting-edge inventory management system ensures seamless precision in stock control. The goods are stored as per international standards and therefore we ensure that our products and services reach our customers in a perfect condition and on time.